We track the activity with a S2S postback, which is global for all campaigns. Below an example:




- [ClickID] is replaced with your subID, and it should match the value from our system [transaction_ID]

- [security_token] is a fixed value which will always be sent from your system as unique identifier for your campaigns. When sending you the postback, we would include your security number here. This is just an additional security measure to keep fraudulent activities away.

We also work hard to filter our best traffic to our advertisers, so please let us know how to send you the Affiliate ID for traffic optimisation. We usually append &affiliate_id={aff_id} to all tracking links, let us know if we should use a different value.

If you need to learn more about tracking, you can extra info here: http://help.tune.com/hasoffers/conversion-tracking-essentials/